DP 2000 is a fusion bond powder coating for drill pipe based on “modified epoxy” chemistry. It is resistant to all drilling fluids at temperatures to 400ºF. DP 2000 can be used to drill through 400°F formations with interrupted circulation.

DP 2000 coating is a fusion bond powder coating with excellent temperature, hydraulics and abrasion resistance characteristics.

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Recommended Services

  • Drilling


  • Hydraulic Efficiency
  • Temperature Resistant to 400ºF
  • Excellent Acid/Caustic Resistance
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance


  • Color: Dark Green
  • Generic Type: Modified Epoxy
  • Primer: Phenolic
  • Thickness: 8-13 mils


  • Up to yield strength of pipe
TemperaturePressureTest ConditionsTime Period
250° F5,000 psi20% NaCl mud72 Hours
250° F5,000 psiPolymer sea-water mud72 Hours
275° F6,500 psiLime mud72 Hours
275° F6,500 psi3% KCI polymer mud72 Hours
300° F6,500 psiLignosulfate mud72 Hours
350° F10,000 psi12.5 pH caustic72 Hours
400° F10,000 psiHigh-temperature mud72 Hours