IPC 1850


IPC 1850 is a thick film fusion-bond powder coating based on cresol-novolac chemistry with excellent temperature and corrosion protection characteristics. It has excellent resistance to sweet and sour environments in combination with abrasion resistant to dissolved salts.

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Recommended Services

  • Oil/Water/Gas Production
  • Gas Lift
  • Rod Pump/Brine Injection/Disposal Wells


  • Paraffin Resistance
  • Excellent Acid/Caustic Resistance
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance


  • Color: Green
  • Generic Type: Cresol Novolac
  • Primer: Phenolic
  • Temperatures: 300˚ F (150˚ C)
  • Thickness: 10-20 dry mils
TemperaturePressureTest ConditionsTime Period