IPC 2000

IPC 2000 is a proven generation of high temperature fusion bond powder coating that provides excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. It is a modified epoxy powder which also offers excellent wireline resistance and paraffin buildup. IPC 2000 is resistant to a wide variety of downhole environments to 350ºF.

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Recommended Services

  • Water/Gas Production
  • Injection Wells/Disposal Wells
  • WAG Wells


  • Paraffin Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Acid Resistance


  • Color: Dark Green
  • Generic Type: Modified Epoxy
  • Primer: Phenolic
  • Pressure: to 8,500 psi.
  • Temperatures: 350°F (174°C)
  • Thickness: 8-13 dry mils
TemperaturePressureTest ConditionsTime Period