Synergy™ is a multilayer plant coating system consisting of a thermally activated primer, a cross-linked, themoplastic elastomer layer, and a tough polyolefin top layer. During application the three layers are fused, resulting in strong mechanical and chemical bonds that maximize performance. Thermal fusion generates mechanical toughness and superior anticorrosion properties that ensure long-term positive pipeline protection.

Product Advantages

  • Thermally fused polymetric system
  • Impermeable to oxygen and moisture
  • High shear resistance
  • Incorporated SCC inhibitors
  • Low cathodic protection costs
  • Durable and reliable
  • Flexible system design

Primer Layer

  • Percent solids: 20
  • Wt/gal: 7.4 lbs/gal
  • Flash point: + 45° F

Elastomer Layer

  • Thickness: 10-15 mil;
  • .251-.381 mm

Polyolefin Layer

  • Thickness: 40-100 mil;
  • 1.016-2.540 mm
  • Thickness: 40-100 mil;
  • Colors: Black, white or yellow

Fused-System Properties – 50 mil system

Peel Adhesion to Pipe:

ASTM D-100 38 lbs/in width

Cathodic Disbondment:

ASTM G-8 0.3 radius

Water Vapor Transmission Rate:

ASTM F-1249 < 0.03 g/100 sq in/24 hr

Impact Resistance:

ASTM G-14 50 in-lb ASTM G-13 1000 lbs, no holidays

Penetration Resistance:

ASTM G-17 < 15%

Bend Flexibility:

CSA Z245.21 Pass at 2.5° API-5L at 70°

Volume Resistivity:

ASTM D-257 1015 ohm-cm

Dielectric Strength:

ASTM D-1000 20-23 kv

Temperature Range:

Normal in-ground service -30° F to > 150° F