Fiberline FB

Provides acid resistant, fiberglass-epoxy linings for injection, production, and flow line tubing.

Full-Bore inside diameter gives the ability to run an expanded range of down-hole tools and equipment.
FIBERLINE FB™ lining is a superior corrosion prevention system with excellent temperature characteristics (250°F) for corrosive flowing gas and oil wells, CO2 injection, and other enhanced recovery applications.

FIBERLINE FB™ fiberglass internal tubing liners have been developed to meet the severe challenges and demands of a rapidly developing EOR technology.
FIBERLINE FB™ will resist high temperatures (250°F),* frequent wire line service, heavy acid treatments, reasonable decompression conditions, O2, CO2, H2S gases and typical pin end and “J” section tubing corrosion. FIBERLINE FB™ eliminates the need for expensive coupling systems or replacement rings.

Protective Mechanism: Because the fiberglass liner used in the FIBERLINE FB™ system is holiday free, cemented securely in place and sealed at both ends by the FIBERSERT™ connection system, the steel tube is totally isolated from all internal corrosive fluids. Internal corrosion is therefore fully prevented.

Setting Depths: In down-hole use, the only depth limitation is a down-hole temperature in excess of 250°F.* The added weight of the fiberglass liner is negligible and puts no additional restriction on lining depths, since the tensile limitations of steel tubing are greater than the FIBERLINE™.

Care and Handling of FIBERLINE FB™ is less demanding than other liners and linings. Reasonable care should always be employed when storing and running any lined pipe product. NACE guidelines are recommended.

FIBERSERTS™ represent a superior technique with over 25 years proven service for providing corrosion protection of both the coupling “J” section and pin ends of lined tubing. FIBERSERTS™ are attached to the coupling end of the liner. The system is sealed at the time of make-up with Permitek, a proprietary plant-applied mastic.

FIBERSERTS™ offer many advantages including:

  1. Provide multi-thread tolerance at make-up.
  2. Prevent liner damage at pin end due to over torque.
  3. Eliminate damage from minor turning of the coupling during make-up.
  4. Provide virtual total isolation of the “J” section and pin ends from corrosive fluids.
  5. Provide full protection of the “J” section from wire line and tool damage.
  6. Eliminate “J” section turbulence.

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Recommended Services

  • Flowing gas and oil wells
  • CO2 injection – WAG
  • Polymer injection (EOR)
  • Water flood
  • Coal vein gas production
  • Saltwater disposal
  • Refinery piping


  • Long service life
  • Holiday free liner
  • Acid resistance
  • Good for reconditioning pipe
  • Superior joint protection
  • Replace use of corrosion resistant alloys


  • No pressure limits
  • No depth limits
  • Temperature: 250° F*
  • Full-Bore ID
Tubing Size O.D.Tubing Wall ThicknessTubing Weight Per FootLiner Wall ThicknessTubing I.D. LinedFibersert I.D.Lining Weight Per Foot