Big Enough for All of Your Needs

EMI inspection process

Permian Enterprises was formed in 1948 for the purpose of cement lining steel pipe for the oil fields of West Texas. As water flooding expanded, corrosion caused by aggressive oil field brines became an ever more serious problem throughout the United States, and Permian Enterprises was there to meet the need.

ISN RAVS Plus Participant

To encourage continual improvement of health, safety, and environmental best practices, we also participate in the International Supplier Network’s (ISN) RAVS Plus® process. ISN developed RAVS Plus® to help gather evidence that written health, safety, and environmental (HSE) programs have been implemented. Our participation in this measurement of HSE performance through RAVS Plus® means we stay safely ready for review, audit, or inspection.

Worker at machine shop

Protecting Your Investment

Acidizing wells, CO2 injection and other EOR programs that are common in the oil field threaten the longevity of your steel pipe. Replacing pipe is costly not only in terms of replacing equipment but is also costly in terms of lost time. Permian Enterprises is committed to providing services that protect that investment. We are large enough to provide all of the services that you need and we are conveniently located near you.

Raymond Marrero in front of Ryt-Wrap process

Outstanding Service

We do whatever it takes 24/7 to make sure our customers are happy and well served. Our 86-acre facility let’s us designate a specific area for each customer’s tubulars that ensures that they are handled correctly and are in optimal condition to return to the field.

Amador Pando in front of EMI inspection


By incorporating eight reclamation processes using the most advanced tubular inspection services available today, Permian Enterprise’s turnkey solutions to cost-effectively returning used tubulars to the field ranks at the top. From internal drill out and hydro-static pressure testing to electro magnetic inspection and end-finishing services, you can depend on Permian Enterprises to give you fast, reliable service delivered with the personal attention you deserve for your projects.